VARIOUS - Essential Sequence Collection v.5 (Modern & Classical) (2015)

VARIOUS - Essential Sequence Collection v.5 (Modern & Classical) (2015)
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CD Duration: 69.48 / Year: 2015

2015 sequence music compilation, featuring David Last, Richard Keeling, Larry Green, Philip Randles, Tony Gilbert and Ronnie Ross. All Tracks In Sequence and suitable for Ballroom Dancing [IS/ST].

[Quickstep] Blue Skies (Tony Gilbert)
[Quickstep] Zing Went The Strings Of My Heart (Richard Keeling)
[Quickstep] Dancing In The Dark / Undecided (Larry Green)
[Foxtrot] Tuxedo Junction (David Last)
[Foxtrot] Beware My Foolish Heart / It Happened In Monterey (Richard Keeling)
[Foxtrot] Welcome To My World (Philip Randles & David Smith)
[Tango] The Final Countdown (Richard Keeling)
[Tango] Hernandos Hideaway (David Last)
[Tango] Adios Muchachos / Mexican Hat Dance (Larry Green)
[Waltz] Maria Elena (Tony Gilbert)
[Waltz] True Love (David Last)
[Waltz] Tennessee Waltz (Ronnie Ross)
[Saunter] Left Bank Two / My Moonlight Memories Of You (Larry Green)
[Saunter] Tiptoe Through The Tulips / Me And My Shadow (Tony Gilbert)
[Saunter] Close To You (Richard Keeling)
[Swing] Istanbul (Tony Gilbert)
[Swing] When I Was A Lad (Ronnie Ross)
[Swing] Muskrat Ramble (Richard Keeling)
[Blues] On Mother Kelly’s Doorstep / Champagne Charlie (Philip Randles)
[Blues] Don’t Fence Me In (David Last)
[Blues] Cecilia (Tony Gilbert)
[Viennese Waltz] My Resistance Is Low (Larry Green)
[Viennese Waltz] Falling In Love With Love (Larry Green)

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