Dave 'Baby' Cortez - The Happy Organ... 1956-1961 (2CD) (2012)

Dave 'Baby' Cortez - The Happy Organ... 1956-1961 (2CD) (2012)
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Aka "The Happy Organ And Other Great Recordings 1956-1961"

Dave 'Baby' Cortez hasn't received much attention as far as reissues are concerned so Jasmine has decided to put together what is the best and most comprehensive collection of hits and rarities. Although light on charting hits, Dave 'Baby' Cortez was able to craft many catchy melodies, riffs and hooks that fans of organ music and a soulful, bluesy sound will enjoy greatly. Oh, and just for good measure we have thrown in his biggest hit "The Happy Organ" to really get your feet tapping. Fully detailed liner notes with a biography of his career achievements and a selection of early album tracks that can really be given the moniker of 'ultra-rare', this is another must have release!

Disc One (Running Time 51.41):
Movin' and Groovin'
Soft Lights
Hoot Owl
Honey Baby
You Give Me Heebie Jeebies
You're the Girl
Eeny Meeny Minie Moe
The Happy Organ
Love Me As I Love You
The Whistlin' Organ
I'm Happy
Piano Shuffle
It's a Sin to Tell a Lie
Dave's Special
Mosin' Along
Red Sails in the Sunset
September Song
All Mixed Up
I'm All Right

Disc Two (Running Time 53.22):
The Swinging Piano
Everybody Dance
Nine Lives Boogie
Finger Popppin'
Deep in the Heart of Texas
You're Just Right
Talk is Cheap
The Shift
Walking with You
Second Chance
Mardi Gras
The Boogie Organ
Midnight Man
Is it Time
Calypso Love Song
C'mon and Stomp
Jammin' Part 1
Jammin' Part 2

Running Time: 105.03

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