Booker T And The MGs - Memphis Soul Beat (2CD) (2013)

Booker T And The MGs - Memphis Soul Beat (2CD) (2013)
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Contains the finest tracks from Booker T and the MGs and The Mar-Keys.

Featured over these two CDs is the first flowering of the 'Stax' sound, a sound that would develop throughout the 60s to become one of the most predominant sounds of American R&B and soul around the world.

Included are three complete albums, two from The Mar-Keys and one from Booker T & The MGs plus bonus singles. These were the first acts to break on Stax Records with hits like, "Last Night" and "Green Onions". Here then are three of the earliest albums released out of Jim Stewart and Estelle Axton's legendary label and the genesis of one of the most important house bands in recording history. Fully detailed liner notes with career achievements and history.

Disc One (Running Time 55.12):
Last Night (The Mar-Keys)
Night Before (The Mar-Keys)
Morning After (The Mar-Keys)
Diana (The Mar-Keys)
Burnt Biscuits (The Triumphs)
About Noon (The Mar-Keys)
Sack-O-Woe (The Mar-Keys)
Foxy (The Mar-Keys)
One Degree North (The Mar-Keys)
Pop Eye Stroll (The Mar-Keys)
Po' Dunk (The Mar-Keys)
Whot's Happenin' (The Mar-Keys)
You Got It (The Mar-Keys)
Green Onions (Booker T and the MGs)
Behave Yourself (Booker T and the MGs)
Jellybread (Booker T and The MGs)

Mar-Keys "Last Night" (Atlantic LP 8055):
All Right Ok You Win (The Mar-Keys)
Sticks and Stones (The Mar-Keys)
Misty (The Mar-Keys)
Hold It (The Mar-Keys)
Ebb Tide (The Mar-Keys)

Disc Two (Running Time 56.41):
The Mar-Keys "Do The Popeye With The Mar-Keys":
Wimp-Burger (The Mar-Keys)
Straight From The Can (The Mar-Keys)
'Cause I Love You (The Mar-Keys)
Squint Eye (The Mar-Keys)
Pop Eye Rider (The Mar-Keys)
It's Gonna Work Out Fine (The Mar-Keys)
Sit Still (The Mar-Keys)
Too Pooped To Popeye (The Mar-Keys)
Sweet-P Crawl (The Mar-Keys)
Muscles A Comin' (The Mar-Keys)
Sailor Man Waltz (The Mar-Keys)

Booker T & The MGs "Green Onions" (1962):
Rinky Dink (Booker T and the MGs)
I Got A Woman (Booker T and the MGs)
Mo' Onions (Booker T and the MGs)
Twist and Shout (Booker T and the MGs)
Stranger On The Shore (Booker T and the MGs)
Lonely Avenue (Booker T and the MGs)
One Who Really Loves You (Booker T and the MGs)
I Can't Sit Down (Booker T and the MGs)
A Woman A Lover A Friend (Booker T and the MGs)
Comin' Home Baby (Booker T and the MGs)

Running Time: 111.53

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