Carol Williams - Plays... Volume 1 (2007) (Last Copy)

Carol Williams - Plays... Volume 1 (2007) (Last Copy)
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Playing the music of Karl Jenkins, Charles Tournemire and Iver Kleive at St. Martin's Church Dudelange, Luxembourg.

Karl Jenkins (b. 1944):
Trumpeting Organ Morgan (5:33)
Theme from Palladio (3:56)
Hymn, Adiemus: Songs of Sanctuary (3:03)
Adiemus, Adiemus: Songs of Sanctuary (3:39)
Now As a Spirit, Requiem (4:20)
In These Stones Horizons Sing (4:10)
Benedictus, The Armed Man: A Mass for Peace (6:45)
Celebratio (2:09)
Pie Jesu, Requiem (4:15)
Cantilena, The Best of Adiemus (3:36)
The Snow of Yesterday, Requiem (3:51)

Charles Tournemire (1870-1939):
Choral-Improvisation sur le "Victim Paschali", Cinq Improvisations (8:24)

Iver Kleive (b. 1949):
Toccata "Store Gud, vi Lover Deg" (4:23)

Running Time: 58.20

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