The Blues and Rock Piano of Johnnie Johnson (DVD) (2005)

The Blues and Rock Piano of Johnnie Johnson (DVD) (2005)
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Take a lesson with the father of rock and roll piano and with this DVD take a rare close-up look at Johnnie Johnson's style and technique. Johnson was the pianist on all of Chuck Berry's hits and with his warm personality and a unique overhead camera angle to supply a players perspective, this is a fabulous new method for blues and rock piano enthusiasts.

You'll learn chop bass, rolling bass lines and improvising chordal figures and lead lines and watch Johnnie perform a variety of classic blues styles as well as interviews and conversation which reveals his styles and techniques.

This DVD lesson will provide valuable insights into Johnson's musical ideas and will helop you build a repertoire of bass patterns, treble licks and complete instrumental solos for blues, boogie-woogie or rock and roll piano.

Running Time: 60.11

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