Nicholas Martin - Marching & Waltzing (2009)

Nicholas Martin - Marching & Waltzing (2009)
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At the Technics G-100 and Technics FA-1.

Old Comrades / Sons of the Brave / El Abanico
Roses from the South
Parade of the Tin Soldiers
Kiss Me Again / The Kiss Waltz / The Kiss in Your Eyes
On the Quarter Deck / The Great Little Army
Gold & Silver Waltz / Merry Widow Waltz / Count of Lumembourg Waltz
Tritsch-Tratsch Polka / Thunder & Lightning Polka
Sailing By / Pal of My Cradle Days / Ev'rywhere
Ben Hur Chariot Race March
Westminster Waltz
Knightsbridge March / Calling All Workers
Estudiantina Waltz
Blaze Away / The Great Escape March
R.A.F. March Past
The Skater's Waltz / Fascination / The Petite Waltz
King Cotton / High School Cadets / The Washington Post March

Running Time: 70.37

Tags (Click for Others): Electronic, Technics, G100, FA1