OKEY Keyboard Festival (DVD) +CD (2009)

OKEY Keyboard Festival (DVD) +CD (2009)
OKEY Keyboard Festival (DVD) +CD (2009) OKEY Keyboard Festival (DVD) +CD (2009) OKEY Keyboard Festival (DVD) +CD (2009) OKEY Keyboard Festival (DVD) +CD (2009) OKEY Keyboard Festival (DVD) +CD (2009) OKEY Keyboard Festival (DVD) +CD (2009) OKEY Keyboard Festival (DVD) +CD (2009) OKEY Keyboard Festival (DVD) +CD (2009)
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DVD & CD Set released in August 2009, containing Highlights of the 2007 German OKEY Festival. Artists featured are; Claudia Hirschfeld, George Fleury, Robert Bartha, Sarah Foley, Mark Whale & Ady Zehnpfennig.

The DVD and CD contain completely different tracks, the CD is NOT an audio version of the DVD.

16 Track DVD (Running Time: 1 Hour 23 Minutes):

OKEY live 2007 Introduction (1:29) - Claudia Hirschfeld: Festival March
GEORGE FLEURY: Johnny Note Plays Classic Rock (4:21)
GEORGE FLEURY: Scherzo B-Dur (2:58)
SARAH FOLEY: Sudamerikanisches Medley (4:55): Amorada / Tico Tico
SARAH FOLEY: Corn-Flakes (2:56)
ROBERT BARTHA: Hammond Medley (4:45): Take The 'A' Train / Mackie Messer
ROBERT BARTHA: Emporio (4:04)
CLAUDIA HIRSCHFELD: Gospel Medley (6:05)
MARK WHALE: Russische Impressionen (5:51)
MARK WHALE: Ode an die Freude (6:34)
ADY ZEHNPFENNIG: Medley: Wien bleibt Wien (7:55)
ADY ZEHNPFENNIG: Marco Polo (4:40)
ADY ZEHNPFENNIG & MARK WHALE: El Cumbanchero (5:25)
Impressionen von der Produktausstellung (2:55): Robert Bartha: Smooth Lounge
Impressionen von den Konzerten, Matineen und Latenights (3:34): Claudia Hirschfeld: My Love To You

13 Track CD (Running Time: 1 Hour 09 Minutes):
ADY ZEHNPFENNIG: ABBA Medley (8:19): Mamma Mia / Waterloo / Fernando / Dancing Queen
GEORGE FLEURY: Jill's Theme (4:27)
ROBERT BARTHA: It Had Better Be Tonight (3:19)
CLAUDIA HIRSCHFELD: Lara's Theme (3:37)
MARK WHALE: Drawbar-Medley (7:14): I Left My Heart in San Francisco / Sprach Zarathustra
GEORGE FLEURY: Noreen's Nocturne (2:23)
CLAUDIA HIRSCHFELD: Wenn der Herrgott Net Will, Nützt es Gar Nix (3:12)
ROBERT BARTHA: Medley from "My Fair Lady" (10:23)
CLAUDIA HIRSCHFELD: Radetzky March (3:37)
ADY ZEHNPFENNIG: Evergreen Medley (10:43): In the Mood / Charmaine / Tea for Two / Rock Around the Clock / Wiener Praterleben
GEORGE FLEURY: New York, New York (3:37)
CLAUDIA HIRSCHFELD: Dob's Boogie (3:03)
GEORGE FLEURY: Caprichosos de la Habana (4:53)

Since its successful launch in 2007, OKEY live has grown into a major event as a unique festival for electronic keyboard instruments. Besides a comprehensive product exhibition, the concerts of internationally acclaimed artists attract numerous fans to the festival from all over Europe at hotel Zweibrücker Hof in Herdecke, Germany.

The festival's premiere, organized by the German magazine OKEY, took place from September 20th to 23rd, 2007 and was attended by extraordinary artists; Sarah Foley, Claudia Hirschfeld, Robert Bartha, George Fleury, Mark Whale, Ady Zehnpfennig, Hector Olivera, Barbara Dennerlein and many more.

This DVD & CD set contains a selection of musical highlights, a precious souvenir for all who were there as well as a great introduction to those who could not attend. It also serves also as appetizer for the forthcoming OKEY live festivals.

Please note that due to legal reasons, not all festival artists could be included on the CD and DVD.

DVD Running Time: 1 Hour 23 Minutes (Multi-Region PAL).
CD Running Time: 1 Hour 09 Minutes (different tracks to the DVD).

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