Iain Flitcroft - Granadaland Wurlitzer (1995)

Iain Flitcroft - Granadaland Wurlitzer (1995)
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CD Duration: 63.56 / Year: 1995

At the Wurlitzer Organ of the Granada Studios Tour, Manchester.

Theme from 'Reilly, Ace of Spies'
Rose Medley: I Won't Send Roses / Roses of Picardy / Rose of England
Waltz Medley: Am I Wasting My Time On You / Everywhere / When I Grow Too Old to Dream
Tango Havana
Musetta's Waltz
White Horse Inn Selection
Granada Television Medley: Brideshead Revisited / College Boy (University Challenge) / Coronation Street
The Masterpiece
Quickstep Medley: Bei Mir Bist Du Schon / Mr Sandman / You're the Cream in My Coffee
City of Chester
Ballet Egyptien
Paris Medley: I Love Paris / Waltz of Paree
Samba Incognito
Medley: Moving South / The Carioca / That's All / The Melody Maker
The Granada Connection

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