Horace Finch - Empress Days (2012)

Horace Finch - Empress Days (2012)
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Containing archive recordings from 1959/1960 on the Wurlitzer of the Empress Ballroom, Blackpool.

On the Prom, Prom, Prom, Prom, Promenade (Signature Tune)
Children of the Regiment / Music from The Arcadians: Arcadians Are We / The Pipes of Pan / Joy of Life / Charming Weather
Blackpool Express / Get Go'in' / Orient Express / Roses of Picardy / Love Sends a Little Gift of Roses
Memories of Jesse Matthews: Over My Shoulder / When You've Got a Little Springtime in Your Heart / My Hat's on the Side of My Head / We'll All Go Riding on a Rainbow / The World is Waiting for the Sunrise / Brown Bird Singing / Bird Song at Eventide
Smiling Through / When You're Smiling / Ay Ay Ay / Baby Face / Empress Samba
Twilight in Turkey / Tonight's the Night / Smash and Grab / Tiger Rag
Memories Live Longer Than Dreams / Goodnight / Signature Tune (reprise)

From the CD Inlay - The organ in the Empress Ballroom came originally from the Tower Ballroom, when that was being replaced. It was enlarged to become a twin of the Tower organ and was opened by Horace Finch in April 1935. In 1970 it was moved to the BBC Playhouse Theatre in Manchester and was in regular use until 1988. It's sale to owners in the south of England led to hopes of a new venue for this famous organ, but these were dashed when it was announced that the organ was to be dismantled and parts used to enlarge the existing WurliTzer in the Assembly Rooms, Worthing. However, the former console of the Empress organ remains in private ownership and plans are already being made for the possible reinstallation of an organ in the Empress Ballroom, Blackpool. Sadly, this may not be a WurliTzer

Running Time: 58.05

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