Richard Keeling - Don't Stop Me Now (Social Ballroom & Latin) (2012)

Richard Keeling - Don't Stop Me Now (Social Ballroom & Latin) (2012)
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At the Ketron SD1 & Audya. This CD is recorded for Social Ballroom & Latin music and is NOT In Sequence/Strict Tempo.

Richard Keeling is one of the most popular artists performing and recording for social and competitive 'Strict Tempo' dancing throughout the UK and around the world. Known primarily for his work in Sequence Dancing, Richard is also performing for a growing number of people taking part in Social Ballroom & Latin dancing, as more and more clubs, holidays and festivals host 50/50 dances (50% Sequence and 50% Ballroom and Latin), at which he is asked to appear.

Naturally, an album dedicated to social Ballroom & Latin music would be requested, and 'Don't Stop Me Now' is the result. This much anticipated album will hopefully prove just as popular as the many Sequence CDs Richard has already produced for Maestro Records, and will continue getting people up on the dance floor participating in this healthy and socially rewarding activity called Ballroom Dancing!

[Samba] It's Not Unusual
[Samba] Goodness Gracious Me
[Tango] Don't Stop Me Now
[Tango] Gold
[Quickstep] Take the 'A' Train / At the Woodchoppers Ball
[Quickstep] Let's Face the Music and Dance
[Waltz] A Heart Full of Love / A Little Fall of Rain
[Waltz] Ave Maria
[Jive] Call Me
[Jive] Dancing in the Street
[Rhumba] I Saw Him Once / In My Life
[Rhumba] And I Love Her
[Cha Cha] Manic Monday
[Cha Cha] I'll Never Fall in Love Again
[Slow Foxtrot] Moonlight Serenade
[Slow Foxtrot] Where or When
[Viennese Waltz] Wonderful Copenhagen
[Rock 'n' Roll] Rock Around the Clock

Running Time: 53.37

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