Howard Beaumont - Wonderful Wonderful (2016)

Howard Beaumont - Wonderful Wonderful (2016)
Howard Beaumont - Wonderful Wonderful (2016) Howard Beaumont - Wonderful Wonderful (2016) Howard Beaumont - Wonderful Wonderful (2016) Howard Beaumont - Wonderful Wonderful (2016)
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CD Duration: 67.20 / Year: 2016

February 2016 release at the Roland Atelier 80SL organ, Roland 350c combo organ, Roland FP80 digital piano, Yamaha S950 keyboard, Kawai SR6 organ & Hammond A100 (with Leslie 122 speaker).

Wonderful Wonderful / Romeo
Youve Got a Friend in Me
Secret Love
Holiday for Strings
Make You Feel My Love
Beautiful Dreamer
Nautical Medley: Barnacle Bill / Drunken Sailor / Portsmouth / Life on the Ocean Wave / Sailors Hornpipe / The Arethusa / Anchors Away
The Arcadian Overture
Big Band Medley: Jersey Bounce / Johnson Rag / Cherokee
Tea for Two
All the Way / For Sentimental Reasons
Bridge Over Troubled Water
Alligator Crawl
Morning Dance
Fly Me to the Moon / Moon River
Buona Sera / Mack the Knife
Strauss & Co.: Snow Waltz / The Blue Danube / Vienna Life / The Merry Widow / Dance with Me

Sleeve Notes:

This CD marks a special anniversary for me as a performer. I have clocked up fifty years as a professional organist and pianist. Over the decades there have been many changes in our world of easy on the ear music, but it’s nice to know we still have a legion of people that appreciate good melodies and harmony.

I have as usual with my recordings included a broad spectrum with styles and sounds to please your ears. I have spent a large part of my career playing in the Scarborough Spa Suncourt and my good friends Peter & Sally Lee made a stunning model of this venue pictured inside the CD sleeve. This was exhibited at the NEC ‘Models in Miniature’ exhibition near Birmingham along with a sound recording of yours truly playing the organ!

Many tracks include my ever faithful Hammond A100 organ and this sound takes me back to my formative years playing on cruise liners, back in the early 1970s.

The title track ‘Wonderful Wonderful’ was a big hit for Jonny Mathis in the late 1950s along with Petula Clarke’s early hit ‘Romeo’ based on the Robert Stoltz operatic song ‘Salome’.

Today’s music is also well represented with Adele’s big hit ‘Make You Feel My Love’ & Simon & Garfunkel’s timeless classic ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water‘. As I play at the Spa I also include orchestral pieces like the ‘Overture to the Arcadians’ and David Rose’s famous ‘Holiday for Strings’ featuring the pizzicato effect along with traditional theatre organ sounds. Latterly I have spent much at my ‘out of season time’ playing these mighty pipe organs all over the UK and on the continent.

One of my all time heroes was Thomas ‘Fats Waller and the Hammond is perfect for his ‘Alligator Crawl‘. During the 1980s Spyro Gyra made some great Latin American sounds with ‘Morning Dance’. Two all time great artists are also featured; Frank Sinatra’s ‘All The Way’ and Nat King Cole’s ‘Unforgettable’. Finally a champion of light music is André Rieu and his great arrangement of ‘Strauss & Co.’ brings this special CD to a close.

Happy listening!

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