Ian Griffin - Beyond The Sea (2016)

Ian Griffin - Beyond The Sea (2016)
Ian Griffin - Beyond The Sea (2016) Ian Griffin - Beyond The Sea (2016) Ian Griffin - Beyond The Sea (2016) Ian Griffin - Beyond The Sea (2016)
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CD Duration: 54.08 / Year: 2016

June 2016 release playing the Ketron Audya. His first CD for four years.

Endlessly (3:42)
Hallelujah (3:29)
Whatever Lola Wants / Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps (4:58)
Who I Was Born to Be (3:45)
My Kind of Girl (3:12)
When We Were Young / Cycles (6:09)
More Than I Can Say (2:39)
Marvin Gaye (3:24)
Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again (3:00)
Rhythm of the Rain (3:02)
Beyond the Sea (3:02)
You'll Answer to Me (3:32)
Like I Do / Let Me Go Lover (3:29)
Tears On My Pillow (3:27)
Don't Cry Out Loud (3:07)

Almost 30 years on from when he made his first recording, Ian Griffin presents his latest for your enjoyment.

Over those years he has never been one to shy away from experimenting, owning and showcasing a number of keyboards, either as ancillary instruments to a standard organ, or in a solo capacity... sometimes using two or more in accepted organ keyboard layout, in order to use specific sounds and tone colours that the others might not have.

So, in this studio recorded collection of 15 tracks you’ll thrill to a myriad of sounds from his Ketron Audya, an additional Ketron SD5 and Roland PK5 pedalboard are employed on Track 9 which is from a live concert.

As both an established concert artist and cabaret accompanist he has to keep abreast of music tastes and with an eye to perhaps appealing to a younger market, BEYOND THE SEA is an eclectic mix of tunes old and new. Over the ensuing years, and boosted by working and having the pleasure of introducing him to festival audiences, my friendship with him and his family has remained ever present. So many of those ‘up & coming’ youngsters of the pioneering organ festival days have disappeared, whereas Ian Griffin has gone on to achieve so much more. This recording is but just one small part of his musical lifetime.

Alan Ashton - ORGAN1st Radio - OrganRadio.com

Acknowledgements: Thanks to all who contributed to this production including Donna Eatwell (photography), Alan Ashton (sleeve notes) and Paul Evans (Final Mastering). Music and arrangements by Ian Griffin.

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