Richard Keeling - The Twelfth Of Never (2016)

Richard Keeling - The Twelfth Of Never (2016)
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CD Duration: 59.47 / Year: 2016

September 2016 release at the Ketron SD1 Plus.

All Tracks In Sequence and suitable for Ballroom Dancing.

[Swing] She Taught Me How To Yodel
[Swing] Misty
[Waltz] So I Could Find My Way (with vocals)
[Waltz] Hello
[Tango] Halfway To Paradise
[Tango] Whiskey In A Jar
[Saunter] So Sad (To Watch Good Love Go Bad)
[Saunter] Years May Come And Years May Go
[Cha Cha] Funky Town
[Cha Cha] Be My Baby
[Rhumba] I Just Can’t Stop Loving You
[Rhumba] The Twelfth Of Never
[Quickstep] Knock Knock Who’s There
[Quickstep] Those Were The Days
[Foxtrot] May I Have The Next Dream With You
[Foxtrot] I Remember You
[Bossa Nova] Yeh! Yeh!
[Bossa Nova] Call Me
[Blues] Singing The Blues
[Blues] Blue Moon

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