Klaus Wunderlich - 48 Unforgettable Melodies (2CD)

Klaus Wunderlich - 48 Unforgettable Melodies (2CD)
Klaus Wunderlich - 48 Unforgettable Melodies (2CD) Klaus Wunderlich - 48 Unforgettable Melodies (2CD) Klaus Wunderlich - 48 Unforgettable Melodies (2CD)
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CD Durations (Combined): 1 hour 26 minutes / Year: 2017

May 2017 double CD containing his original ‘24 Melodies You’ll Never Forget’ volumes 1 and 2 from the late 1950s. Volume 2 contains tracks recorded ‘in-sequence’ and has never been released on CD before. The sleeve notes are by Ian Wolstenholme.

All tracks are played on Hammond C3 with Rolf Ahrens on Drums, Franz Rasch on Bass and Bert Helsing on Guitar.

Disc One (Running Time: 42:27):

MEDLEY 1: Ich Werde Jede Nacht von Ihnen Träumen / My Foolish Heart (Die Nacht ist Voller Zärtlichkeit) / Blue Tango / Jalousie / Junger Mann aus Gutem Hause / Bel Ami / Charmaine / Ich bin Heute ja so Verliebt / Mein Herz hat Heut’ Premiere / Kann denn Liebe Sünde Sein? / Sing Nachtigall Sing / Dieses Kleine Liebeslied

MEDLEY 2: Indian Love Call (Über die Prärie) / La Vie en Rose / Kiss Me, Honey Honey Kiss Me (Küß Mich, Bitte, Bitte Küß Mich) / Der Wind hat mir ein Lied Erzählt / Tango Notturno / Wenn der Weiße Flieder Wieder Blüht / Abends in der Taverne / Von 8 bis um 8 / Ich Liebe die Sonne, den Mond und die Sterne / Ganz Leise Kommt die Nacht / Frauen Sind Keine Engel / Non tl Scorte dl me.

Disc Two (Running Time: 43:10): FOXTROTS-MEDLEY (4:42): Exactly Like You / You Are My Lucky Star / Red Roses for a Blue Lady
SLOWFOX-MEDLEY (6:06): Wenn ich dich seh’, dann fange ich zu Träumen an / So Wird’s nie Wieder Sein / Penny-Serenade
FOXTROTT-MEDLEY (4:12): Unter Einem Regenschirm am Abend / Du Glaubst mir Nicht, daß ich Dich Liebe / Wenn ein Junger Mann Kommt
TANGO-BEGUINE-MEDLEY (6:28): Stern von Rio / In Einer Kleinen Konditorei / Immer und Ewig (Barcarole)
LANGS-WALZER-MEDLEY (5:08): Always / Glaube Mir / Ich bin von Kopf bis Fuss auf Liebe Eingestellt
SHUFFLE-FOX-MEDLEY (5:52): Nachts Ging das Telefon / Du Bist Meine Große Leidenschaft / So Schön wie Heut’, so Müßt es Bleiben
SLOWFOX-MEDLEY (5:57): Moonlight Serenade / I Know Why / Somewhere Over The Rainbow
FOXTROT-MEDLEY (3:26): Sie Will Nicht Blumen und Nicht Schokolade / Linger Awhile (Mein Liebling Heisst Mädi) / Wir Machen Musik

ALAN ASHTON (Presenter OrganRadio.com) writes:

Back in 1999, the original Telefunken LP 24 MELODIES YOU’LL NEVER FORGET (SLE 14186—P) was re—released as a CD, but until now the follow-up Vol.2 has never been re-mastered or re-released in its entirety. The idea to combine the two albums was that of Sound Engineer Werner Kohlhammer who has once again used his expertise to breathe new life into these iconic Hammond C3 model organ originals. Having completed a pair of new Masters from the original LPs, purely by accident he came across a DAT copy which Klaus had made from the original reel to reel tapes, and it is from this DAT version that this latest release is made. For historical accuracy VOL.2 originally appeared in Germany in a generic series with the title SO TANZ MAN IN DER HAMMOND BAR (Telefunken SLE 14203-P) and whereas Rolf Ahrens, Franz Rasch & Bert Helsing are credited respectively with playing drums, bass & guitar, there is no indication on Vol.1 if the same three musicians comprised of the “Rhythumsgruppe”. For the first time listener to these wonderful tracks, and with some more memories, here is fellow broadcaster and columnist…


Listening to any Klaus Wunderlich collection is like putting on a pair of comfortable slippers and to be asked to contribute, in any way, to a new production, is a delight. Whether it’s an age thing, certainly maturity lets you hear the many musical nuances that, even as an admirer of the artist for almost four decades, featuring his music on air and attending his UK concerts, were not fully appreciated by yours truly. The audio quality is superb (considering the masters are fifty years old) with the signature ping—pong stereo effects only serving to add greater depth and character to the ubiquitous Hammond tonebars. Volume 1 comprises two tracks in continuous easy—listening medley form with just the right balance of familiarity and lesser-known items. You will find yourself tapping or humming along to every single tune coming from the hi-fi speakers. But to really appreciate this digitally remastered album from the much-missed Hammondmeister, a good pair of headphones will add a close—up-and-personal listening dimension. Whilst Klaus naturally excels on keys, his Rhythmsgruppe of guitar, drums and bass are integral to the combo and (other than maybe wanting to take total control via his percussion prowess) it seems a pity that he dispensed with studio musicians altogether in his later recordings. Volume 2 satisfies the dance fraternity, with eight foxtrot/slowfox/tango and waltz medleys in strict tempo which are bijou musical arrangements in their own right, with power and subtlety hand in hand. Klaus was an undoubted pioneer of the “orchestral” organ sound and at times it’s easy to forget that this is a no-frills Hammond — a reminder of timeless melody performance from a much-missed legend.

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