John Bowdler - Music That Makes Me Dance (1999)

John Bowdler - Music That Makes Me Dance (1999)
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At the Technics GA3. In Sequence and suitable for Ballroom Dancing [IS/ST].

[Quickstep] My Truly Truly Fair / Kiss Me Goodnight Sergeant Major / Ain't She Sweet
Somebody Stole My Girl / I Can't Believe that You're In Love with Me / Alexander's Ragtime Band
[Waltz] Tears / It Happened in Monterey / Love, Tears and Kisses
The Kiss Waltz / No One But You / Ramona
[Samba] Choo Choo Samba
I Love You and Don't You Forget it / Peanut Vendor
[Foxtrot] The Music that Makes me Dance / I Still Believe / I Can't Be Wrong
Indian Summer / Unforgettable / I'll Find You
[Tango] Pablo the Dreamer / Arriverderci Roma / Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps
[Saunter] It's the Talk of the Town / Where Are You / By the Fireside
At Sundown / It's Only A Paper Moon / A Tear, a Kiss and a Smile
[Cha Cha] So Nice / Farrago
[Rhumba] No Matter What
History of Love / You Belong to my Heart / Summertim in Venice
[Eva Three Step] On Parade
[Mayfair Quickstep] Sweet Georgia Brown / Chinatown my Chinatown / Who
When You're Smiling / Who Were You With Last Night / The Charleston

Running Time: 59.02

Tags (Click for Others): Electronic, Sequence, Technics, GA3