Dave Floyd - Always In My Heart (2004)

Dave Floyd - Always In My Heart (2004)
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At the Technics KN7000 keyboard. All Tracks In Sequence and suitable for Ballroom Dancing [IS/ST].

[Quickstep] Happy Talk / When You Wore a Tulip
[Quickstep] Put on a Happy Face / Oh Lady Be Good
[Rhumba] You Are My Special Angel / I Want to Give
[Rhumba] My Love / I Wish You Were Here
[Foxtrot] Let There Be Love / What a Difference a Day Makes
[Foxtrot] Please / There Must Be a Way
[Tango] Domino / Here in My Heart
[Tango] Always In My Heart / Jealousy
[Waltz] I'm Alone Because I Love You / A Scene in the Night
[Waltz] Waltz of My Heart / Someday My Heart Will Awake
[Cha Cha] Rhythm of the Rain / Too Young
[Cha Cha] Oh My Papa / Happy Heart
[Jive] Sky Blue Shirt / Happy Days and Lonely Nights
[Jive] Exactly Like You / A Little on the Lonely Side
[Rhumba] Blue Moon / You Belong to My Heart
[Rhumba] Losing You / Jeannie
[Saunter] Stranger on the Shore / Someone to Watch Over Me
[Saunter] Almost Like Being in Love / Try a Little Tenderness
[Swing] Sweet Georgia Brown / S'wonderful
[Swing] Five Foot Two Eyes of Blue / I Wanna Be Like You

Running Time: 65.51

Tags (Click for Others): Electronic, Sequence, Technics