Richard Keeling - Rebel Heart (2008)

Richard Keeling - Rebel Heart (2008)
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At the Solton X1, Ketron XD9 and Ketron SD1. All Tracks In Sequence and suitable for Ballroom Dancing [IS/ST].

[Rhumba] Rebel Heart
[Rhumba] How Do I Live
[Quickstep] Valerie
[Quickstep] Help
[Foxtrot] All That Jazz / Razzle Dazzle
[Foxtrot] I've Got the World on a String
[Waltz] The Dark Island
[Waltz] The Nuns Chorus
[Tango] Roter Mohn
[Tango] Viva La Vida
[Swing] Happy Wanderer Medley
[Swing] Pack Up Your Troubles Medley
[Cha Cha] Mercy
[Cha Cha] Sway
[Saunter] Sleepy Time Gal / A Gal in Calico
[Saunter] Gee Baby
[Paso Doble] La Ritatowers
[Paso Doble] Viva Espania
[Rhumba] As If We Never Said Goodbye
[Rhumba] Aria
[Gavotte] Every Time We Say Goodbye
[Gavotte] As Time Goes By

Running Time: 63.43

Tags (Click for Others): Electronic, Sequence, Solton, Ketron