Willem Tanke - Messiaen Organ Works (Double DVD) (2009)

Willem Tanke - Messiaen Organ Works (Double DVD) (2009)
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Playing the Marcussen organ in St Laurenskirk, Rotterdam. These two DVDs are a superb introduction to the music of Messiaen and an essential purchase for all organ aficionados. The technology afforded by DVD allows the listener to view from several angles, including underneath the bench to see Messiaen's ferociously mobile pedal parts at first feet, as it were. Recorded in May 2007.

Messiaen wrote in many genres, chamber, orchestral, piano solo, and enriched greatly the organ repertoire of the 20th century. Although Debussy and Ravel influenced his earliest works, orientalism and famously the songs of birds were life long influences and a source of fascination to him) Messiaen became a significant influence upon avant-garde composers such as Boulez and Stockhausen. You can sample Tanke's approach to Messiaen, which is influenced by his study of Buddhist faith and philosophy, on YouTube (keywords: Tanke and Messiaen).

This new set by Willem Tanke is most certainly Messiaenic heaven to me, and has placed the music far closer to my heart than any of the previous sets. This recent release is as close to perfect as I think I will find" - The Organ

Disc One (running time: 53.08)
Livre d'orgue (complete):
Reprises par Interversion (6.47)
Piece en Trio (2.40)
Les Mains de l'abime (9.35)
Chants d'oiseaux (9.33)
Piece en Trio (8.36)
Les Yeux dans les Roues (1.54)
Soixante-Quatre Durees (12.03)

Disc Two (running time: 51.12):
Adoro te (from Livre du Saint Sacrement) (4.59)
Entree (from Messe de la Pentecote) (4.07)
Meditation 3 (from Meditations sur le Mystere de la Sainte-Trinite) (4.09)
Meditation 2 (from Meditations sur le Mystere de la Sainte-Trinite) (14.06)
La Resurrection du Christ (from Livre du Saint Sacrement) (6.23)
Le Verbe (second part, from La Nativite du Seigneur) (8.49)
Les Deux Murailles d'eau (from Livre du Saint Sacrement) (8.39)

Bonus Track. Willem Tanke counting out loud:
Piece en Trio, Soixante-Quatre Durees and Entree (18.56)

Running Time: 104.20 (Multi-Region / NTSC). 16.9 Widescreen, PCM Stereo.
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