Richard Keeling - Nice 'n' Easy (2009)

Richard Keeling - Nice 'n' Easy (2009)
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At the Solton X1, Ketron XD9 & Ketron SD1. All Tracks In Sequence and suitable for Ballroom Dancing [IS/ST].

[Swing] Putting on the Style / Have a Drink on Me
[Swing] Good Morning / You Are My Sunshine
[Foxtrot] Nice 'n' Easy
[Foxtrot] Call Me Irresponsible
[Rhumba] Constantly
[Rhumba] The Look of Love
[Tango] Temptation
[Tango] Rain on Your Parade
[Waltz] Hallelujah
[Waltz] Let it Be
[Cha Cha] I Just Want to Dance With You
[Cha Cha] Don't Stop Moving
[Quickstep] Scottish Medley One
[Quickstep] Scottish Medley Two
[Saunter] Love Letters
[Saunter] Breaking Up is Hard to Do
[Jive] I'm Still Standing
[Jive] She Loves You
[Rhumba] Walk Away
[Rhumba] Greatest Day
[Perez Mambo] The Boy Does Nothing (with vocasl by Carol Keeling)
[Perez Mambo] House of Bamboo

Running Time: 66.09

Tags (Click for Others): Electronic, Sequence, Solton, Ketron