Chris Anderson - The Evolution of Cool (2009)

Chris Anderson - The Evolution of Cool (2009)
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Easy listening jazz standards played on Hammond B3 (12 tracks including 5 vocals by Chris). With drums, guitar, piano and string orchestra.

Limehouse Blues
When I Fall in Love (vocal)
On Green Dolphin Street
I Left My Heart in San Francisco (vocal)
Back Home Again in Indiana
Help Me Make it Through the Night (vocal)
Hello Dolly
All the Way (vocal)
Old Cape Cod (vocal)

Back in the 1960's and 1970's in the "hey day" of the home organ industry, manufacturers such as Hammond, Lowrey, Yamaha and Baldwin sold hundreds of thousands of home organs across America and the world. Recording artists like Ethel Smith, Lenny Dee and Earl Grant sold millions of organ records featuring all-time standards and the latest popular music of the day.

Chris Anderson grew up on a farm in Kalamazoo, Michigan listening to the fabulous music and style of Lenny Dee. With his keen ear and innate musical talent he began to replicate what he heard. Through his relationship with Mr. Dee he learned to use the style of playing and sound production. During his teenage years Chris appeared in contests, performed with stars like Arthur Duncan, Guy and Ralna, Jeannie C. Riley at fairs and concerts. It wasn't long before the young amazingly talented Chris was on the concert circuit for Hammond Organ and later for Yamaha touring the U.S., Canada, Australia, Japan, Germany, Switzerland and Denmark. Audiences around the world have been delighted with his personal exuberance and brilliant soul warming performance abilities.

The first record album that he recorded at age sixteen, sold out quickly, as did the following three. Now in his retirement years from sales for manufactures, he has reconditioned an old 1963 Hammond B3 Organ and is ready to entertain and bring back some of the old standard oldies for all to enjoy. He will soon travel to Nashville (the recording capital of the world) to record another album with today's technology and Chris' artistry.

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